After Capitalism, what will be?

Truthfully, how long could a social system last?  If we examine, historically, the duration of every system, we realize that the next lasts less than that which preceded it!
Capitalism, which in our days is coming to an end, has lasted for about 500 years and has had a significantly shorter duration than Feudalism, which during its succession, had an even shorter useful duration than the society of slaves.  The next system that will come after the current system of the capitalistic society, in agreement with this reasoning, will have to have an even shorter period of existence!
 If we desire to perform, with a precise manner, this outcome going back to the prehistory of man until today, we could say that it is something like a descending order (from the right to the left) following the order of the golden numbers (Fibonacci numbers for mathematicians).
It is obvious that Capitalism, once it passes all the “natural” stages of development (commercial, biomechanical, Capitalistic money credit/trust) arrives at its highest stage, which is…irrationality!
 This could be seen better by looking at the size and characteristic of the world wide private and public debt (seen in the “Need and Gods Convinced”).
The current Capitalistic system of our days wobbles more and more often and it is led to the decision that “it is impossible for its stability to be recovered” (Ilja Prigogine).  These sways will lead to a more chaotic situation and, according to Immanuel Wallerstein, “the time will come that the structures will and will not be in possession by their owners, but will all turn against each other.”
 The danger for us to pass to the barbaric and cannibalistic stage is neither unbelievable nor very far away either.
 And so “who saw God and wasn’t afraid!”  This is valid not only for the richest and poorest capitalistic countries, but mainly for the previous socialist countries, where the new capitalistic regimes up until now, were the only problems of the new and old starting order which could be solved!
 And the question that floats like a ghost, not only in Europe, but in the entire world is:
After Capitalism or more correctly, after irrationality, what will be?
Socialism as a political, economic, and social system, as we have known it at least from 1917 until 1990, was truly the next after the Capitalistic social system or, perhaps, it wasn’t?  And so, what was?  The same question is valid for a series of countries, in which today (let’s say is symbolic) are still waving the red flag (China, North Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba):  are these countries finding themselves in the next system after Capitalism?  If not, then in which?
Some politicians (and also historians) erased from human history with great ease this socialistic model, which lasted from 1917 to 1990, ignoring that which, in this system, lived and turned upside down a million people and whatever else ruled half of the earth’s hemisphere for many decades.  That covered from Vladivostok to Vlorë and from Konstantza to Gdansk (from where the truth collapsed with a lightning speed).  They erased with ease, and now from where the difficult is coming, arrive to the conclusion that they should not have thrown the baby in the wastewater!
 With the same lightness ‘they behave’ today towards the non crumbling countries (China, etc.), even though they recognize that, population wise, there are more of them who are crumbling!
 All those who believe that history didn’t stop in 1990, that both the crumbling and the non crumbling are “gate suspect” factors in the modern world wide economic and social becoming that could enter the game at any moment, and who finally understand the wobbles of the capitalistic system will have to, at least, be troubled, by that which will follow in the next five or ten years and by how and where the central weight of the world wide economy will be reassigned.  They should be really troubled by how we will come out of this crisis!
 Politics is Science
 We have already written it:  Politics is a Science!  A science where, in a space (Euclid) of a million different advisable interests, we must find one common parameter that will drive one community a step ahead.  A perfect society never existed once in human history, as only a community slightly better than what preceded it would emerge.  This always used to happen.
Maybe we must now look for something completely new, starting from zero?
 First of all, we must know that there is not any science that will start from zero!  All of them “step on” the conclusions and experiences of the previous scientists, and with their turn they add another stone!  This happens also with the social systems!  A clean system doesn’t exist and every new system takes a lot of assets from the old but it doesn’t reject everything…
This is what we must do now!  We will not “throw the baby in the waste water.”  We have a historical experience from the previous, older systems (Slavery, Feudalistic).  We live in the Capitalistic system that, as we said above, wobbles more and more frequently.  We have a great deal of experience from the construction (and destruction) of the previous socialistic countries.   We have, fortunately, for sure the worldwide presence of China, who applies a peculiar NEP (=New Economic Politics) that isn’t much mistaken for what it wants but that which Lenin didn’t have time to apply.  This is the modern and current icon all over the world.   This is “the earth that we step on”, this is more correctly (Euclid) with its infinite magnitude advisable space.
 The mysterious warning
 There are “heavy” warnings that unbelievably influence the whole planet, for example the environment.  There are others less obvious that could seriously and equally influence social development, for example, the eminent domain of the produced betterment.  There are warnings that are beyond all understanding.  There is also a mysterious warning that we find everywhere, in all time periods, and in every social system.  It is a warning that we haven’t detected like we should have, even though we encounter it every day.  A warning that we consider up to a point normal, that accounts for greater victims than the religions of the world account for and that in the final analysis (after property relations) is the reason of today’s worldwide crisis:
 This mysterious warning is the tax system!
 Modern Leftist speculators, as strange as it sounds, never got deeply involved with the fiscal system, maybe because it was not related in any place to Marx’s Theory!  In Marx’s “Capital”, for example, as hard as anyone looks, not one reference will be found in regards to what should be the fiscal system in the future socialistic society and in their opinions, since, “it does not exist in the scriptures”, we should not attempt to search for it.  They are, therefore, incapable of grasping the fact that the tax rate is the fourth dimension of the economy.  It is the most vulnerable spot, the “Achilles heel” of the system.  This is where we must all aim our arrows now!
 We believe that not only for the Left, but, in general, for all progressive parties and for those with judicial powers in the treasury who are preparing the tax reforms (before the troika demand from those to detach Greek citizens from taxes even by torturing them, a method that was implemented two centuries ago by colonialists in certain tyrannical countries of India), that the tax system’s correct approach leads to a golden ideological vein.  This vein opens new horizons for us, and in our terms, leads us to new forms of property.   In a social system’s final analysis, that is nothing more than what will be coming as the next social system and is based on the socialistic model of transition that we previously became familiar with.
 Theoretical Emptiness
 It is clearly obvious that we have here a gigantic theoretical (and practical) emptiness, an emptiness that hasn’t been hidden neither in the past nor present socialist economies.  As a result, they too, implemented a tax system that didn’t differ much from that which the capitalistic societies used and was how they taxed the state businesses according to their clean earnings.
 If anyone desires to put Leftist speculators in a difficult position, they should ask them what they propose for the taxes within a capitalistic society or what their opinions are regarding the tax systems that were implemented in previous socialist countries.
 Marx discovered, and detected the way to measure the size, and the period of the time framed betterment, which we could imitate and leave behind just like a huge pile!
On this pile, Marx nailed a giant inscription that said “from each according to his ability to each according to his needs” and left… (Marx, Critique of the Gotha Programme, page 23).  That was when things got chaotic!  There came moments where only that huge inscription was left and no pile existed!
 We had these types of Leftist theorists who didn’t care at all about the pile, but only about the inscription…
 Life proved that as good and golden as the inscription was, the existence of the huge pile was necessary.  From there on, we, the next generation, have to find a scientific, theoretical and practical way to not only create the pile (which during its production, tax plays a big role) but to measure its produced betterment.  We must also measure how much we will keep in operation and how much we will “send” to the center for the state’s mechanism to conserve, etc.  And most importantly, why this amount exactly and not more or less!
These classical people, we will say once more, left all the work for us!
 In front of this pile, today, stand millions of nervous people who can’t decide, not only who produced it but, how much of a portion they are each entitled to and why!  This weakness in computing their portion, technically their own tax system, along with property relations were among the causes of socialism’s collapse!
 In the modern worldwide economic crisis we didn’t suddenly arrive from one moment to the next.  Another of the most serious causes was the application of the existing tax system that has been around for a few centuries, for almost as long as Capitalism, and that has led to this monstrosity of private businesses being more powerful than countries and civilizations.  These private businesses have become giants, not because they weren’t taxing, but precisely because they were implementing, as written, this tax system that exists in our days and that created the crisis we are experiencing!
 The situation is clear and the solution is simple…